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27 Things I have Learned in 27 Years!


Cheers to being 27!

  1. Be kind, compassionate and show empathy to everyone. 

  2. Call your parents. They love you unconditionally. 

  3. Communication is key. 

  4. Put your phone down when you’re talking with people. Be present. 

  5. It’s okay to feel not okay sometimes. Truly look after yourself in these moments. 

  6. Start traditions with your friends. 

  7. Running away to an ocean solves most of your problems. 

  8. A simple girls night out can brew the best memories and bonds. 

  9. Keep up with oil changes...your dad will thank you. 

  10. Don’t skimp on your coffee. Life is too short for that. 

  11. Have spontaneous game nights.

  12. Travel with your significant other. 

  13. Learn which Love Language fits you!

  14. Be alone. Sometimes it’s the best way to recharge. 

  15. Practice gratitude daily. 

  16. Health insurance can be a real struggle. Make sure you take it seriously. 

  17. Listen to your mom. They know you the best. 

  18. Give back to others. 

  19. Support your friends!! Cheer them on and make them feel so good about their successes. 

  20. Buy a planner and live by it. 

  21. Retail therapy does help. 

  22. Frequently tell the ones you love, that you love them.

  23. You can achieve your wildest dreams if you work towards them daily. 

  24. Go to sleep with a clean living space and you will wake up feeling better.

  25. Fall candles. Just buy them. All of them. 

  26. Not only love yourself...but like yourself and the person you are becoming. 

  27. You are right where you are supposed to be. 

Jacket by Thrifted, Sweater by American Eagle, Denim by H&M, Shoes by Aldo


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