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4 Simple SEO Tips That Every Blogger Needs To Implement Righ Away!

4 Simple SEO Tips That Every Blogger Needs To Implement Right Away!

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you’re still like… huh? Let me break it down for you.

SEO is how you get organic, unpaid traffic from the search engines, for example, Google!

Google wants to provide its users with the best results for whatever they’re searching for.

Here’s a few things you can do to get noticed by Google so you can rank higher = more eyes on your website and blog!

BACKLINKS: You will be on Google’s good side if your website is linked on other websites. This tells Google that you’re a reliable source of information if people are mentioning you on their website. So if you’re a guest writer for another company or blogger and they link your website? THAT is wonderful for SEO and allows you to rank higher.

YOUR BLOG IS READABLE: You’re probably thinking… well, it’s a blog… duh, it’s readable, Jessy! Well, it’s not as easy as throwing some words on a page. The longer your blog the better! You want your readers engaged with your post. If you have a short blog post and they read it for a couple of seconds and click off? That sends a message to Google that your post isn’t holding the attention of others and will be pushed down the ranks. Make sure your line spacing is easy on the eyes, the post is long and engaging, and having images throughout your post is also key! People can tire easily of just reading words...throw some visuals in there to keep it captivating for your audience.

REFERENCE OLDER POSTS: You ever see a blog post and they’re talking about...let’s say…makeup? They might say, “check out my previous post about my everyday makeup routine linked here” SEO loves this. Moving traffic around the site is music to Google’s ears.

NICHING DOWN WITH KEYWORDS: When it comes to your keywords you have to think of your audience. What would they type in a search engine to potentially find you or bring you to your website? If you’re a fashion blogger then “Fashion Blogs” is going to be tough to rank high on Google because there are millions of “Fashion Blogs” - But if you typed in, “Fashion Blogs With Affordable Fashion” Now we are getting somewhere.

Think clearly about your keywords for example some of mine are: Boston Fashion Blogger, Social Media Boston …. So when I am writing my posts or making titles I try to include one of these words anywhere I can. Your keywords should be woven throughout your website, blog, titles, and posts.

I hope this post helps you crush your blog's SEO! Dress details below!

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