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A New Kind Of Subscription Box by Locally.Us

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the famous subscription box. The internet has millions of subscription boxes that you can find for pretty much anything you’re interested in. Have a pet? Makeup? Fashion? Fitness? There’s a box for that. However, this box is a little different and just might be my new favorite.

Locally. Us was created by two best friends in Boston (love that already!!) who are looking to truly inspire local businesses and the incredible women that run them. The box comes with items that are sustainable, handcrafted and locally produced. You can choose a one time fee or a yearly membership for the box.

The goodies I received this month were AMAZING! Being a blogger you receive lots of PR and clothing weekly but ...this package was special and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Not only do I have a passion for supporting ladies and their passions and ambitions but, I come from a mom who is an artist. I watched her paint, create and sell her treasures in an art gallery in Florida for several years. Supporting your local artists is so important! So let’s keep them going and if you’re interested, I highly recommend checking out Locally. Us and following these beauties on social media


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