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A New York Minute: NYFW 2018 Recap


A New York Minute: NYFW 2018 Recap

“Every Year The Women Of New York leave the past behind and look forward for the future. This is known as FASHION WEEK.” - Carrie Bradshaw

Another NYFW in the books! It’s safe to say I lived out a dream for the last 72 hours. Feeling a little sleep deprived and over caffeinated but so grateful. There is something so electric about New York City this time of year.


I arrived to the city on Friday and stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Talk about feeling like Eloise at the plaza...this place is beautiful. Tip: If you’re going to stay in a hotel in the city a great way to cut costs is to bring your friends or find a blogger to room with. Split the hotel among how many people are in your room and you’ll be golden!

We kicked off our NYC adventure by getting all dolled up in the hotel room and then calling a Uber to attend the Rose` Mansion event! Tip: Make sure you’re calling Uber and Lyft! If you jump in a cab be prepared to spend 50 cents for every minute that cab is in traffic...believe me it adds up! We jumped into a taxi after a show and because we were in traffic the fare was up to $6.00 before we even left the venue.

The Rose` Mansion was a blast! The mansion has a Rose` tasting in each themed room. The rooms were a dream to bloggers and Instagrammers. Photo opportunities everywhere! Including a bathtub full of rose petals, a swinging chandelier that you could actually swing on and a glow in the dark ball pit! If that doesn’t scream best night ever I don’t know what does.

From there we jumped in an Uber back to the hotel for some NY style pizza in bed and an outfit change. Our first runway show was, Society. They put on an amazing show filled with eclectic independent designers from all over the world. The show ran from about 8 pm to 10:30 pm and still our night was just getting started! We made our way back to the hotel for yet another outfit change and took to the streets of NY for a celebratory drink for our first night! We came across this amazing Irish pub with the sweetest bartender who was from Dublin. Tip: If you’re planning on staying at the Roosevelt which is in the Financial District be aware that restaurants and bars close early! So plan accordingly.

Our next day was filled with breakfast in bed, champagne toasts networking party and a beautiful runway show called, Oxford held at Pier 59! This was my favorite show and location. The designers pieces were breathtakingly beautiful. Tip: If you’ve RSVP to a show and have other friends / bloggers in your party make sure to let the designer or agency know all their contact info as well! That way their names can also be on the list and there is no mix up.

After two wonderful and busy days we ended our NYC adventure with brunch! We waited for a table at one of the trendiest spots called, The Butcher’s Daughter. Believe me...the hype is real! The food and coffee was amazing! And they have vegan and vegetarian options as well. They do not take reservations so be prepared to get their early or wait a little.

Outfit details: Long blazer by Lush Clothing, T-shirt by Madewell, Hat by Nordstrom Rack, Boots by Stuart Weitzman

Overall NYFW makes you feel like you’re in a dream and I am already counting down for next year.

What you should know:

As glamorous as NYFW is...especially for us bloggers it’s a lot of work. I prepped for 4 months in advanced and I still don’t believe I was as organized as I could of been.

If you’re a planner get ready to have to be a last minute kinda girl

NYFW is extremely last minute when it comes to RSVPs for shows. I did not receive all my confirmations until the week of me leaving for NY. You pitch and pitch and pitch to PR companies and designers for invites to shows and you just pack your bags and cross your fingers in hopes that you’re on a list. Talk about stressful.

Things are not as close as they appear!

NYFW is spread out all around NYC so be prepared to prioritize your show schedule. You may have been invited to a show at 1 pm and have another show at 2: 30 pm but good luck to you if that other show is across town and you only have a few minutes to make it there in NYC traffic! I had to scale back some shows just because timing was not on my side. I recommend writing down all the addresses to the shows and figuring out the distance between each one. A 20 minute drive in a cab is actually 45 minutes with stop and go city traffic so be aware!

Pack snacks!

If you have any time at all to eat...bless you. Between the events, shows and outfit changes the times to eat range from nonexistent to close to midnight. One of my friends I traveled with packed a bag of snacks for our hotel room and it was such a brilliant move on her part. Between outfit changes I was able to chow down on some chips and salsa before heading out the door.

Comfortable shoes is a MUST

The first night I paraded around in my favorite nude heels and by the end of the night I thought my feet were going to fall off. Luckily, I had a pair of flats in my bag and I gravitated towards those for the majority of the time.

Dress for the weather

This can be tricky when you wanna wear your favorite party dress but the weather calls for rain and 60 degrees. I would be lying if I didn't say we detoured to Nordstrom Rack where I purchased a log blazer style jacket to keep warm. I suggest packing a little of everything. Take that beautiful dress but also grab some jeans, boots and a sweater. Don’t worry about over-packing everyone looks like they’re shipping off to sea with the amount of bags and luggage you being dragged through the hotel.

These were a few of my major tips I feel like every girl attending NYFW should know!

Until next year…

XOX, Gossip Girl


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