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Batch, Baby, Batch! How I Batch My Instagram Content

It’s no secret that Instagram these days are a way of life...weird right? One of my biggest intentions for my Instagram for 2020 was to batch and plan content monthly! That might seem intimidating but, it has helped so much!

Gone are the days of going back into your darkest deepest depths of your camera roll trying to find a mediocre photo to post - just to post it!

I love the styling, photography and getting creative so for me - batching content is efficient and surprisingly fun.

I’ve decided to share with you my step by step process! I hope this helps!

Step One: Finding Inspiration

Hello, Pinterest! Sometimes I will know exactly what I want styled, and then other times I am a deer in the headlights, completely and utterly lost. I turn to Pinterest and will search “winter style inspiration”, “winter Instagram inspiration” and so on! Remember - it’s great to be inspired by someone but try your best to put your own spin on things! No-one likes a copycat.

Step Two: Making a Plan

Now that you are feeling inspired it’s time to put that into action! I do better with visual planning. I am your typical “Type-A planner” and active “to-do-lister?” So, it makes sense for me to plan out my IG content. I use a custom calendar on Google Spreadsheets

Below is an actual screenshot from my IG calendar! Yellow means - posted! Captions are below.

This allows me to visualize my month and see images side by side. I’m able to add links and notes to stay on track with any sponsored content.

Step Three: Scouting a Location

Location tags on Instagram will be your best friend! You can see how others choose to shoot in that particular area and find hidden gems you never knew about. Using Google Satellite to look up locations might seem a little extra (and it totally is) but it helps give you a clear vision of what you’ll be working with!

Step Four: Phone a Friend!

Now that you’ve huddled up and made yourself a game plan it’s time to actually create your vision. I get asked all the time who takes my photos takes a village! If I want to hire a professional my go-to girl is, Riany Haffey - she is worth every penny and is very familiar with bloggers! Her handle is @rianyhaffeyphoto - When I am trying to be a little more budget friendly I use my mom (she’s got a background in photography), my Instagram husband (of course) and our best friend, Jake!

Step Five: Edit Photos

I get asked a ton what preset I use for my photos - to burst your bubble I don’t have one that is purchasable. About a year ago I asked my photographer if she could give me the preset she customized for my photos and like the gem she is, she did!

I take that customized preset and completely tweak the tones, highlights and temperature of each of my photos. I have a background in photography so to me - editing in Lightroom is therapeutic. But apps like VSCO, Afterlight and ColorStory work just as well.

Little tip - you can purchase very inexpensive presets off of Etsy! Mobile & desktop versions. I always think it’s a little bananas when Influencers sell presets for $80 +

Step Six: The finale!

Now that I have my edited photos I insert them into my Google Spreadsheet and begin to plan my captions and appropriate hashtags!

I hope this helps you to stay organized, and helps you post a little more consistently in 2020!


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