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Bye-Bye Winter Blues

Living in New England and catching a case of the winter blues goes hand in hand. You can’t escape it! Unless you find yourself jet-setting somewhere warm. In that case...luccccckkkky! 

But if you’re unable to book a flight and head towards the sun and sand then here are some of my tips for dealing with Jack Frost. 


Young Jessy would always rather look “cool” than bundled up like a marshmallow but oh man, how times have changed after a few winters! I am much wiser and know how to keep stylish and still pack on the layers. It’s no fun to be cold, and frostbite isn’t chic! So do yourself a favor and find your cozy basics that allow you to feel fashionable yet warm. 

Plan your days accordingly 

It gets dark around 4:30 pm here in the winter and it’s well...depressing, to say the least! I try to get up early in the winter to feel like my day is a little longer. Planning all my activities while the sun out keeps me going! If I make plans at 6:00 pm and it's pitch black my motivation plummets. 

Keep it cozy

Winter isn’t all negative! It’s got its beauty too. Enjoy all your fuzzy blankets, winter scented candles, hot tea, oil diffusers, and cozy up with a good book or movie to keep your spirits up! 


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