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Cardigans: From Summer to Fall!


Cardigans: From Summer to Fall

One of my favorite articles of clothing to wear all year round are cardigans. I have a section of my closet that is dedicated to them….it’s a problem I don’t mind having. Not to mention I love layering and we are almost in peak layering season. Three cheers for pumpkin spice everything!

During the warmer months I tend to gravitate towards cardigans in the evening and night time. I usually pair mine with a summer dress. If I am traveling and spending hours on flights then I wear a big cardigan to double as a blanket! They’re versatile and perfect for year round.

This one is from the brand, Love Fire found at Marshall's! They have so many stylish and inexpensive knit cardigans right now I recommended you stock up for the new season.

This was my summer into fall casual day look. I kept my top (in lavender) on the summer side of things. Starting off small with some everyday ankle boots and skinny jeans and you’re good to go!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday! Thank you for following along.


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