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Chilly Tuesdays & Earth Shoes!

Today’s the Tuesday-iest Tuesday, ever!! Rain, wind and a little bit of winter darkness creeping in. However, that didn’t stop me from kicking my to-do list’s butt! Laundry, check! Put away dishes, check! Walk the pup, check! Respond to all the emails, check, check and check!! Despite the cold and gloomy vibes, it feels good to be productive.

Outfit details: Beret by Amazon, Denim by Levi, Boots by Earth Shoes, Coat by Lulus, Sweater by Target

I partnered with Earth Shoes to bring you some cozy vibes! Each pair fits like a glove, and is super comfortable to walk in. Ain’t nobody got time to wrestle with band-aids around here.

Not only are these babies easy breezy to walk in! Earth Shoes is here to make a huge difference. Since 2015 Earth Shoes has been a supporter of Trees for the Future and have planted over half a million trees throughout Sub-Suharan Africa. These trees supply food for locals, materials for building, nutrients for crops and overall, create income for families.

For every Earth Shoe purchased! A tree is planted! - Click here to start shopping!!

My picks below:


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