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Coffee Drinks That Make My Soul Happy!

Coffee and me have had a longggg loving history since about... if I am being totally honest… 12 or 13 years old.

I would watch my mom make her morning coffee and it still is her favorite thing. The aroma filled our house each morning, and now it’s one of my greatest joys in the morning too.

If you know me, you know it’s a huge love of mine. I could spend hours and hours in a quaint little coffee shop posted up with my laptop.

Here are 4 coffee recipes I wanted to share!

The Classic Cold Brew

What you need:

- Ice

- Cold Brew

- Your choice of milk or creamer

I am an iced coffee connoisseur! I tend to have iced coffee all year long. Blistering snowstorm? Still gonna have a large cold glass of coffee.

My favorite cold brew for nearly two years now! Has been Stok. The one I get is the “Not too Sweet Black Cold Brew." I’ve tried many brands but this has by far been my favorite.

For this cold brew no sugar is needed since it’s already a little on the sweet side. Add some ice, a few splashes of milk or your favorite creamer and you’re good to go!

Vanilla Cinnamon Maple Iced Coffee

What you need:

- Ice

- Cold Brew

- Vanilla Extract

- Whipped Cream

- Cinnamon

- Maple Syrup

- Your choice of milk or creamer

Where are all my fall ladies at? If you’re not too big on pumpkin spice… try going down the vanilla cinnamon maple road! I love making this drink when the air is crisp and I am gearing up for some apple picking.

However, this drink is iced and it’s great for anytime of the year too!

Start by adding just a tiny bit of maple syrup to your glass (because of the maple syrup and vanilla you will not need sugar for this drink) add in your ice cubes, cold brew and a dash of vanilla extract! Top it off with some almond whipped cream and sprinkle on your cinnamon.

The Famous TikTok Whipped Coffee

What you need:

- Hot water

- Instant coffee

- Hand held frother

- Your choice of milk or creamer

- Ice

If you’ve been spending your quarantine time on TikTok you will have seen the craze that is whipped coffee! I’ll be the first to tell you I am not the biggest fan of instant coffee… however! This is a very cool drink! And with the right Instant coffee can be very delicious and satisfying to make.

Vanilla Mocha Latte

What you need:

- Coffee

- Your choice of milk or creamer

- Vanilla extract

- Cocoa powder

- Your choice of whipped cream (I chose almond whipped cream)

I love this drink hot or iced! It’s one of my go-to staples. If you like your coffee a little sweet this drink will do the trick.

I truly hope you love these drinks a latte!


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