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How Influencers Make Money!

How Influencers Make Money...

I feel like influencers and “money” is a thing that’s not really spoken up about. I love following along with @influencerpaygap because they really just lay it all out there and I truly think it’s important to chat about.

There’s nothing wrong with monetizing yourself when it comes to social media (props to you, lady! Or gentlemen) - In Fact I HIGHLY recommend making money at something you love, that’s the dream isn't it?

Here’s some ways you can make money as an influencer:

Create Sponsored Content

This is one of the most famous ways to cash in on your content and quick! Teaming up with brands you’re passionate about (keyword: passionate) and spreading the word to your audience is a major way influencers are getting paid.

Sell Your Own Products or Service

If you’re an influencer who has built a loyal following and you can provide your following with a service or tangible product that’s a great way to profit! Your audience already trusts your judgement and they’re already fans of your work! For this … make sure what you’re offering is quality and not watered down to make a buck! Your following will be able to tell right away if you’re being genuine.

Use Affiliate Links

Other than Amazon’s affiliate program I truly find this to be time consuming and full of hard selling but a lot of bloggers find that it works for them! However, you will not make bank right away.

Build and Sell an Online Course or Ebook

Are you an expert at something and want to share the wealth with others? Many bloggers have created amazing tools to help their fellow blogging sistas! Be sure you really are providing authentic, original content that solves problems… if you’re just ripping off articles from Google and not talking about your own experiences… it can be taken less seriously.

Produce and Sell Content to Brands

If you’re also a photographer or use a camera to create high-quality content then you can sell your images to brands to use for any marketing purposes (email campaigns, website imagery, social media channels...etc.)

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As always I hope these tips help you!

- Jessy

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