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How to Craft a Professional Email to a Brand!

How to Craft a Professional Email to a Brand

The year is 2020 (yikes) and everything is practically online! Heck, you can now buy cars online and have it shipped to your home … pretty crazy.

So it makes perfect sense that you should practice crafting a professional, communicative, and organized email.

If you’re a blogger or influencer you’re going to want to listen up!

Greeting a brand with a “Hey, girl!” or “Hiiii!” is not going to get you pretty far. Brands are going to look for professional emails because it’s going to make their job working with you more enjoyable.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone emails me something that truly has no details or proper communication.

You ever get one of those “how do I even respond to this?” kinda emails.

Let’s start with the beginning …

Direct subject line

Think of this part of the email as a book title. You want the brand to quickly notice what the email will entail. There's a great chance you'll receive a response if your subject line is clear and direct.


Blogger Collaboration Request: Jessy Place x (Brand’s Name)

Be personable

Take the time to research the brand! Use their appropriate name. If the marketing email has a first name in it for example you can say, "Hello, Amanda of (Insert Brand) Team! and if there is no personal name then this will do - "Hello, (Insert Brand name) Team!

I like adding "Team" at the end so it feels a little more personable. It also shows that you know that typically several people handle the marketing needs of a brand.

Take the time to include personal details like "Hope you're having a lovely Friday!" (When it's actually Friday!) no one likes a mass email.

Introduce yourself

It's like meeting someone for the first time! You introduce yourself by stating your name and telling a little bit about yourself (keyword - little. They don't need a Nicholas Sparks novel of your life) keep it short and sweet.


Hello, (Insert brand name)!

My name is Jessy Place and I am the blogger behind,! Based in the Boston, MA area. My blog and Instagram focus on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Social Media Tips.

Check your grammar & spelling

To be honest with ya, grammar isn’t my jam! I am not a stickler for it but I know how important it truly is - especially in a professional setting. Make sure you’re double-checking your spelling and grammar within your email! A simple mistake could cause you a missed opportunity.

Make sure everything is “readable”

I’m sure you’re wondering… well duh, it’s an email I’m sure it’s … readable

Well, that’s not always the case.

  • Make sure you’re keeping your paragraphs short and sweet!

  • Use bullet points when appropriate! Bullet Points keep your email organized and easy to read.

  • Important details should be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Many people quickly glance at their emails and can miss valuable information!

Make all links clickable

If you’re sending a brand your website, blog, social media pages, etc. make sure all your links are clickable.

I like adding all my social links to my email signature so they're always there and ready to go!

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