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How to Find Your Target Audience!

It’s easy to jump on social media and post a bunch of stuff YOU like, right? And you truly should love what you post but … is it serving your audience? Does your audience like your content? Because if you think the answer is no... then you’re sadly just making content for yourself!

Do you know how everyone says balance is key? Totally can be applied here too. You have to love what you create and feel passionate about your content to have an outcome that fills your cup and keeps you going … and your target audience? Yeah, they need to love it too!

If you don’t know who your target audience is it can be very difficult to grow or monetize.

Here are a few ways you can secure your target audience

Listen to what your audience is asking of you!

I love fashion, photography, my dog, coffee, you know all the things… and I can touch on all those topics and share them with you but I get asked ALL the time social media questions.

I’d be CRAZY to ignore those seeking help or advice!

Maybe you’re amazing at makeup and you get a bunch of questions about how to apply foundation and the perfect winged liner? It would be foolish for you to ignore that and just talk about vegan baking…

Follow similar accounts to you

Maybe similar accounts will have generally the same target audience. Don’t just network with these accounts, nurture that online and sometimes offline relationship. When you’re supporting these accounts you can often find new ideas and perspectives. You’ll grow faster together.

Ever wonder why major giveaways are generally very similar accounts? They’re all strategically speaking to the same target audience! It’s brilliant when executed properly and not spammy (we've all seen those giveaways).

Hashtags, baby!

Similar to focusing on similar accounts you’ll find your target audience within the hashtags! I do this all the time when I am looking to connect specifically with Boston bloggers. Go through hashtags that relate to your content and start engaging with those accounts and connecting with them… there you’ll begin to grow your target audience.

Two sites I love using to find hashtags that target my audience is Flick and Display Purposes

As always I hope these tips help!



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