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How to Get Over Feeling Awkward Taking Photos in Public...

How to Get Over Feeling Awkward Taking Photos in Public...

One question that always seems to be brought up in conversations with me or my DMs is,

“How do you feel comfortable taking photos in public?”

I prefer to take my photos outside the majority of the time because you can’t beat natural lighting. Taking photos outdoors means...sometimes eyes are going to be on you!

So how on earth do you overcome the fear of feeling terribly awkward and uncomfortable?

Get out of your head

Whether you’re walking down the aisle to your forever, giving a school presentation, or a pop star you’re always going to feel a sense of Woah, eyes are all on me… even if you don’t typically mind the attention.”

It’s normal and you’re human! That’s my polite way of saying, get over it girlfriend... you’re amazing!

It’s so easy to get in our heads and hear voices like, “what are you doing?” “you look ridiculous!” “Everyone is staring at you!” … but guess what? No one actually cares what you’re doing. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves.

Shoot early in the mornings

Typically I like to shoot content in the very early morning or close to golden hour. To figure out when golden hour is look at when your sun is supposed to set and shoot 1 to 2 hours before then for the best lighting.

However, shooting early in the morning usually leads to fewer people! So if you’re new to taking photos in public this will be a great time to warm up and get used to frolicking and twirling in the streets.

Find secluded areas

You can find areas that are not so busy doing a little bit of research! This could be parks, trails, city alleyways, large beaches ..etc. Find your spot and get comfortable shooting there! Before you know it you’ll realize no one cares that you’re taking photos and honestly it’s the way of the world now. Everything is captured! Everyone has an excessive camera roll.

Shoot with a friend!

If you’re truly nervous about taking photos in public it’s a good idea to round up some friends! Plan a photoshoot together in public areas and have fun! With another person, you’re less likely to pay attention to on-lookers and get a lot of practice in!

Find comfort in your photographer

For almost a year my husband has been my main photographer (bless his heart) but before I teamed up with Dave, I shot with my mom and a professional photographer friend, Rainy Haffey. Each one of these people I was comfortable with. When you’re comfortable in front of the camera it makes for some pretty amazing photos.

If you feel awkward… it’s going to be captured all over your face and in your posture. Have fun with whoever is taking your photos - laugh with them, poke fun of yourself, and just remember to relax.


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