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How to Respectfully Turn Down Gifted Campaigns!

How to Respectfully Turns Down Gifted Campaigns!

There comes a time in every influencer’s life where…

A gifted campaign email makes you wanna just toss your phone right out the window…

Too dramatic?

Hey, it happens! Some brands just don’t have the budget, don’t see the value, or simply do just fine gifting products to influencers.

I do a few gifted collaborations here and there for small businesses that I really adore.

You put in a lot of work, time, money (photo gear, equipment, photographers, gas money...etc) so it can be frustrating. I get it.

However, you do not need to become snarky when responding to these emails. All brands are different and sometimes they’re actually willing to do a sponsored collaboration if you’re able to show them the value you can offer.

But if that doesn’t work…

Simply stating:

“I appreciate you thinking of me for this gifted campaign, however, I am going to have to pass on this opportunity.

Currently, I am only prioritizing sponsored partnerships but I hope that if anything changes on your end you will reach out to me in the future! Thank you so much.



Use next time you receive a gifted campaign that you do not want to take.


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