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I Didn't Forget You... Life Update!

Hi friends! It’s been a minute (I must say that every blog post...hello, inconsistency!) However, this time around I have a really good excuse. These last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. I received a lot of DMs asking all sorts of questions regarding my lack of posting to the gram! Though, it’s very important to me, it took a back seat for awhile.

Let’s recap! Towards the end of summer I left my teaching job. Not because I disliked teaching, but because my heart was no longer being fueled by it, and my mind was just not being challenged. Those kids were, and always will be a huge part of my life. I am forever grateful to have called myself a teacher to little ones for 8 years.

I decided to dive into marketing and social media. I had grown my Instagram, started a side business for bloggers and influencers, and I had a drive to learn more about the field. Well, in the meantime I was also moving to a new state! Not far, but new nonetheless. My now husband and I purchased our first home together. With a wedding RIGHT around the corner we thought, “hey! Let’s do some renovations” we quickly regretted this decision after daily bickering about plumbers, compound dust on everything from sanding walls and just living in utter chaos.

The house? It looks beautiful now! But, several weeks ago I was constantly covered in paint. I even showed up to my bridal shower...accidentally having paint on my arm.

So we have the new job, move, new home, renovations and...ah yes, planning a wedding. This task was no walk in the park. Believe me, there was no movie montage of me sipping lattes, writing in my wedding planning book, with no care in the world. The movies lie. No, I was knee deep in spreadsheets, guests who flip flop with coming, not coming. Dealing with florist meetings, building photo and donut walls, packaging tons of wedding decor and necessities, and maxing out a credit card I didn’t even have for very long.

Outfit details: Teddy Bear Coat by BBDakota, Denim by Levis, Hat by Amazon

With all that said, our wedding was beautiful. It truly was the best day of our lives. I remember waking up the next morning at breakfast just gushing over all the details. Every little hiccup or obstacle was worth it. I’m telling you, there is nothing better than having everyone you love in one room. Pure magic (will have a dedicated blog post on the wedding, so stay tuned!)

Well, now that we’re married and have ourselves a beautiful home we slaved’s time for a new addition to our family. That’s right, I waited 28 years to have a puppy, and a few weeks ago we drove to Vermont and found our little, Winston. He’s an all white, blue eyed Siberian husky pup and I am just in awe of him.

So here we are! Married, new puppy, feeling good and enjoying this next chapter. Thanks for listening to my little life update!


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