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I Made Nearly $3,000 Dollars Selling My Clothing On Poshmark!

Hi friends! Happy Friday Eve - if you’re reading this on Thursday! I have a significant amount of clothing in my office that I have been hoarding to the side for Poshmark. About two years ago I used this app heavily (I know. Sounds like I have a slight addiction…) but then life caught up to me and I stopped.

It can be a little time consuming snapping a million angles of your clothing, uploading them, creating a listing and sharing your pieces over and over … but that’s what it takes! So if you’re looking to turn some of your clothing into a nice little savings or spending! Here’s some tips!

1. Take great photos!

This should truly be a no-brainer, but I have seen some very skeptical Poshmark photos floating around. Dim light is NOT your friend, ladies. If you’re going to throw on a filter - make sure it’s not going to completely change the color of your item - customers will expect the red sweater to and not orange. Side note: you do not need a professional camera to sell big! You smart phone / iPhone will do just the trick.

2. Your cover photo for each image should be eye-catching!

When people are scrolling through a million different pieces you want yours to stand out! I try to include myself wearing the item for the cover image, so people can see how it wears on a real person and not just the floor! However, those floor flat-lay shots do very well too!

3. Keep it current for the season

If it’s winter make sure you have a good mix of winter pieces and a sprinkle of some spring items (for when the time comes!) - Think like a store! If it's the dead of winter, the odds of someone searching for a little sundress is a little low.

4. List often!

Keep the closet flowing! Like a store, you’d be pretty board if when you walked in it just had the same things on the rack - switch things up from time to time and you’ll sell faster!

5. Ship your package ON TIME!

I won’t lie - I have totally been bad with this. You make a sale and then you tend to 500 other things on your to-do list. The faster you ship, the faster you get paid! Plus, people are always so grateful and happy when their package arrives on time.

6. It’s all about the packaging - the little things

When you package an item make sure it looks like you took your time to gather their item, wrap it and add a fun thank you note! Taking time to write that simple note can make someone’s day and ALSO make them want to shop your closet again!

7. Share your listings daily

Again, I can be forgetful with this tip but it’s honestly the bread and butter of Poshmark. Sharing your items means showcasing them to potential customers! I try to share everything in my closet 3 times a week (if you can do more - that would be even better!)




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