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My Favorite Road Trip Companion ...My NAYAD Metro Mug

My Favorite Road Trip Companion ...My NAYAD Metro Mug

Last week my husband and I took off on a road trip to seek warmth! If you're from New England you know exactly what I mean.

We decided Charleston, SC was the place we'd go! From New Hampshire it's the first city where when you drive south you'll hit palm trees. Who doesn't love palm trees after they've been living under 30 layers of clothing and hibernating from the cold.

When it came to hitting the road I was quick to pack my NAYAD Metro Mug!

If you think I am a taking a 16 hour road trip with my husband and 1.5 year old husky pup without a cold cup of iced've got another thing coming!

My coffee stayed cold the entire drive! This mug is the 20oz Mug and is the best alternative for ceramic cups! Keeping your beverage cold for 20 hours or hot for 10 hours.

Also how amazing is the color? Click here to shop the Metro Mugs!


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