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Saying No To Brands Who Can't See Your Value!

Have you ever had a brand reach out asking for a lot of deliverables from you … all for free? Maybe you feel obligated to take the opportunity? And in some situations maybe that’s the right thing for you to do.

Some things that would make saying yes to this partnership ideal would be the following:

  • The brand has a massive following and would repost your photo helping you gain exposure to their audience.

  • You are over the moon in love with this brand and it would be a dream to work with them.

  • This brand would look great on your media-kit and would gladly write you a testimonial about working together.

Now, if you’ve answered no to all of these … THEN you here’s the tea.

First - try negotiating! These major brands all have teams of marketing strategists who are just looking out for the company. If they can snag an influencer or blogger for free then that is great for them!

But if you’re the blogger or influencer? You're missing the boat on what you deserve.

Think of it like this...

You don’t wander into Starbucks and have them make your favorite beverage and then say, “Thanks so much! Actually... I’d love this drink for free and maybe down the line.. I could pay you? Okay, bye!”

No, you can’t do that! They’re providing a service for you.

If I am taking the time to style looks, find a photographer, drive to a location, edit photos for hours, send images, add you to my content calendar and tag and mention you all over my Instagram then yes ... you should most definitely pay for the service.

It’s more than okay to say no. Whether you’re at 2,000 followers or 200,000 if a brand with a team of people and a marketing budget reaches out and does not want to pay for your time or service then that’s their loss. Another opportunity will come your way!

Storytime break:

About a year ago I received a partnership opportunity… let’s say... a subscription clothing brand reached out.

They raved about my content! Which was sweet and then hit me with all the deliverables and deadlines.

What would I get in return? About 2 dresses and no payment.

I was pretty bummed because I truly loved the brand, but I could not justify all the time spent just to be gifted 2 dresses. I don’t know if brands realize, but I can’t pay my bills with dresses!

I politely declined the partnership. I told them I would be happy to team up with them someday if a budget was available. I wrote a list of things I would be doing for them as a blogger/influencer and my going rate.

They wrote back and said thank you but they’d be moving on.

Three weeks after that email… they reached out again apologizing and matching my rates. I did the collaboration and was on retainer for them bi-monthly for the rest of the year.

The content you create and the time you spend all are valuable.

Know your worth as a creator and sometimes, it might surprise you!

Outfit details:

Leather Jacket by Guess, Denim Shorts by Levi, Graphic Band Tee by BooHoo




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