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Spring & Summer Wedding Guest x Chicwish

Wedding season is officially here! Break out your dancing shoes because it’s that time of year when your Instagram feed is flooded with wedding guest inspo, champagne flutes and quirky wedding hashtags.

I truly love being a guest at wedding, maybe it’s because i’m a hopeless romantic, but watching two people pledge their love and commitment to each other in front of all their friends and’s a moment! And I LIVE for it.

I also live for everyone’s outfits! Being a guest at a wedding is probably the best place to people watch. You have tons of personalities from all walks of life coming together to celebrate two people and party till the lights go out. With the help of an open bar and your favorite old school jam you can’t look away! And can’t look away because a wedding guest decided to wear something a little questionable.

This dress by Chicwish is a beautiful pastel sea-foam green! Perfect for all the spring and summer weddings.

I decided to breakdown some wedding attire etiquette:

Wearing white is a big NO!

Let’s get this one out of the way, cause I think it’s the most important…*drum roll* Let’s all chant it together, “I will not wear white!” Ladies, you might think that little sundress is adorable! I’m sure it is. But let’s leave that color to the bride. I would go as far to simply ignore all shades of white, cream and champagne. Just to stay on the safe side!

Dress with class…

You would think this is another obvious one, but I’ve seen the low cut, short, body-con move! And, even if your body is bangin' it’s not a good look. This is a wedding not a night out at the hottest club. You may need to revert to your middle school ways and test your dress with the fingertip length method.

Be comfortable

You know those high to the heavens heels you love? Well, if you can’t walk or dance in them, you may want to leave them at home. If your feet are hurting all evening long and your spilling out of your tight little’re not going to feel your best and if you’re anything like me, people will be able to read it all over your face!

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself! You're a guest and it's a time to celebrate and let loose. Just remember to do it with class and comfort and you'll be golden.

Outfit Details: Dress by, Chicwish, Shoes by Me Too, Sunnies by Urban Outfitters


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