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Summer Skincare Favorites!


Summer Skincare Favorites!

When it comes to skincare I can get a bit carried away. I truly love it so much. I often travel with every product under the sun and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But in case you were a normal human and didn’t want to carry around a duffel bag of products I figured I would narrow it down to a few of my favorites for summer.

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment ($7.20):

This stuff is amazing, targets your acne and it’s natural! What could be better? I have been purchasing this little bottle for years now. If you find tea-tree oil to be a bit may have to get use to the scent but after a few uses I really don’t mind it. My skin is relatively clear but during that lovely time of the month I can get the occasional hormonal breakouts and this product really helps to calm my skin. I apply this morning and night!

Burt's Bees Rose-hip Facial Oil ($13.76):

I love how hydrating oil can be for your skin! I use this particular oil mixed in with my eye cream and place under my eyes every morning and night.

Mario Badescu Vitamin Serum ($45.00):

Once I turned 25 people started telling me about the magic of serums. I had my doubts but decided to give it a try and oh my NEED a serum. They’re highly concentrated and can really sink into your pores to provide seemingly fast results. I’ve been using Vitamin C on my skin now for about a year and can see the difference in the brightness and elasticity in my skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash & Mask ($22.00): I discovered this product at the start of summer! After a long hot day wearing makeup I wanted something to really exfoliate and remove impurities. This gem did the trick! Because this product contains tea tree oil it really helps to fight against troubled skin.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($7.99):

I’ve heard a few hyped up stories about this product before I finally dove in. I decided to give it a try and….*drum roll* it lived up to the hype! If you truly want a deep cleaning mask this is your answer. The product when opened is a powder. You can mix in water or if you ’re feeling extra fancy you can use apple cider vinegar! I will warn you that you shouldn’t use this product the week of an important event! Most clay masks pull everything to the surface and then it starts to heal. So just be cautious of your timing.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion ($16.00) :

I tend to have trouble finding a moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. This one is extremely gentle on the skin! It’s lightweight and can be used under makeup if you apply it in the morning.

Coola Sun Silk Drops SP 30 ($46.00):

I received this in a PR package and was amused by the name. I decided to give it a try and ended up falling in love. You can use this product on it’s own or mixed in with a moisturizer. If you’re an advocate for sunscreen (and you should be) you will want to try this! It gives you 360-degree full spectrum protection!

Coola Makeup Setting Spray ($36.00):

This was another gifted item from a PR package but I was pleasantly surprised by this one in particular. Like moisturizer, I have a hard time finding a setting spray that won’t clog my pores. I used this a few times under my makeup to see how it would wear and it made my skin look so glowy! (Not to be confused with a disco some setting sprays) I later applied this over my makeup for a little refresher and it dried down beautifully.

My last skincare favorite goes to my jade roller! There are so many benefits to facial massage. Such as reducing puffiness and inflammation. By rolling the jade roller in up and outward motions you are helping your lymphatic system! I keep mine in my freezer and do this first thing in the morning. It will quickly wake you up and help get the cells going!


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