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Throw Your Worries To The Wind! : Taking Photos In Public (Tips From A Blogger)

Throw Your Worries To The Wind! : Taking Photos In Public (Tips From A Blogger)

The title is a little more literal than you'd think. On this particular day the wind was well, driving me crazy. I'm talkin’ frigid cold wind! All while trying to look ”pretty” and get some styles photographed. Truly a mind over matter situation. I remember laughing at myself and just thinking, ”I’m not cold. I'm not cold. I'm not cold.” I was lying to myself, but it honestly, kinda helped?

The other night another blogger (she's a total sweetie) asked me how I felt about taking photos in public? She feels uncomfortable and like anyone would, thinks everyone's eyes are only on HER.

This lead me to wanna dive deeper into this reality. When I first started creating content I did it only in isolated areas. My bedroom, my yard, a friends house, a park during the brutal morning so not a single soul was around. Nowadays, my motto is, ”do it for the gram!” I genuinely do not care if anyone stares, points or laughs and truth be told NONE of that has happened!!! This is usually just all in our head. If anything I've had people say, ”you’re doing great!”, ”work it, girl!” and ”are you a model?”.

As someone who has been blogging for awhile now, I've done it all! - in public, I mean! I've done the crosswalk back in forth, standing in the middle of the street practically in traffic dodging cars, the coffee shop shoot with everyone also in the room watching, the beach in a bathing-suit when it's literally freezing, the pumpkin patch when you're just posing with pumpkins for that perfect fall photo (we all do it) and yes, I’ve knocked on doors to ask if I can stand in front of someone’s aesthetically pleasing house.

If you're someone who wants to have a blog or a social media that's booming! You must be willing to put yourself out there. Be unapologetically yourself! And shut out all those daunting thoughts you feel when shooting in public.

My two biggest tips:

Mind over matter

The harsh truth? People do not care what YOU are doing. They might look and seem interested or curious but they’re too busy going about their day. You won't see those people again and you know darn well, that those photos will be amazing!! So take them. Stay focused and get the shot you planned on getting!

Find a photographer you gel with

Not everyone has an Instagram boyfriend or husband and that's OKAY! The key is to find a photographer you feel just as comfortable with as you do a friend. My photographer and I started shooting together several months ago. She made me laugh hysterically and directed me when needed! Now, she's shooting my wedding and also a guest.

Overall, in the words of Demi Lovato, be a "sorry, not sorry" kinda girl! Don’t let anyone stand in the way of something YOU love doing.

Outfit Details: Dress by Charlotte Russe, Jacket by Lulus, Shoes by Aldo, Hat by H&M


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