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Tis The Season x 10 Things I am Grateful for Right Now!

With Thanksgiving just ending and Christmas coming in HOT (or in my case, very cold - thank you, New England) - I wanted to take a moment to share a few things I am absolutely over the moon, head over heels grateful for this season.

01. My family & friends. My friends may as well be considered family to. These people are my rocks, support system and sound board. I could not imagine going through 2019 without them. Or any year for that matter.

02. My husband. He’s everything I have ever prayed for and more. We took on SEVERAL life changing projects this year: Buying our first home, renovating said home, moving in together, planning a wedding and helping me through a huge career change. He’s my best friend and overall teammate and I couldn’t navigate life without him.

03. Winston. Winston is the newest edition to the family! He’s our 3 month old Siberian Husky pup. I have always wanted a husky for as long as I can remember. When we took a drive to Vermont at the end of October to meet with a husky breeder I had no idea I was going to find the most perfect puppy. His personality and temperament is delightful. I’ve enjoyed caring for him, spoiling him and watching him grow every day.

04. My job. For those of you who knew me back as a teacher (I miss those kids every single day) but I knew after feeling unmotivated, stuck and not challenged… I knew something had to change and I was terrified to leave behind a life I knew, and was darn good at! I became the Social Media Specialist for Long’s Jewelers and I have already learned SO much. My team is incredible and the company leads with a family mentality which is refreshing and fun.

05. Bloggers Live Boston. One of my best friends and I launched this community last year (September 2018) and it was a dream come true. We’ve been given so many amazing opportunities and have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible women.

06. Social Media. As saturated, toxic and mentally challenging social media can be...I have always held on to the many positives. You are given a platform to connect with likeminded people all over the world. I find a huge part of my “purpose” is helping young women.

07. New England. I truly love the change in seasons. I’m blessed to live in a place where it feels like magic during the holidays.

08. Coffee. Because...well, it’s my favorite. I couldn’t tackle my days without it.

09. Traditions. I’m a sentimental sap. I love celebrating traditions and looking forward to all those memories. Very grateful to have friends and loved ones who put up with my NEED for traditions throughout the year.

10. My blog. With my blog I have been granted so many amazing opportunities, and have been able to let my creativity run wild!

Outfit details: Knit Sweater Dress by Target, Knit Beanie by Target

I hope you take some time to reflect on all the big and little things you’re grateful for this holiday season. Write them down, read them and then read them again.


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