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What Does Your Blog + Website Need To Rank Higher On Google?

What Does Your Blog + Website Need To Rank Higher On Google?

As a blogger it can be time consuming and daunting to try and learn the ins and outs of researching the best tactics when it comes to getting your blog and website ranked on Google.

I’ve been working with my husband at his Wix Design Agency, Let’s Design Your Site for 9 months as a website designer on the Wix platform and I have had to learn what it takes to help our clients get the most out of their websites!

I’ve used that knowledge towards my own blog and have seen some wonderful results! I’m here today to share the wealth!

A Call to Action

First and foremost you need a “clear not clever “ call to action! - Now, maybe you’re thinking….”Jessy, what’s a call to action?” It’s the action you want your visitors, potential customers and audience to take when they come to your website.

This could be maybe you’re a clothing shop and you want people to purchase items?

Or maybe you’re a photographer and you want people to book you! The call to action for these two examples would be “Shop Now” and “Book Me” These are generally buttons and they help guide people to what you’d like them to do.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When it comes to your website being recognized by Google you want to have done your research when it comes to SEO. Imagine yourself as a visitor to your site - what would you type into Google to find you? Now, use those same keywords in paragraph form throughout your entire site.

If you're a style blogger maybe some keywords would be:

"Style" "Blogger" "Fashion Blog" etc.

More Images than Words

I read somewhere that 65% of people lean more on the visual side of things… which leads me to my next tip! Your blog/website should have more imagery than words. Too much text can look cluttered and often lead to people clicking off your site. The more beautiful imagery throughout the page the more likely people are to stay and continue to click around.

Clear Visuals of What You Do

I can’t tell you how many website clients I have that don’t follow this step. It’s important to have images that make sense to your brand and what you do... otherwise you’ll only end up with a very confused audience.

Don’t just have images on your website that “you like” they need to make sense and have a clear purpose. For example we had a client who was a tree remover but yet he had a website covered in stars and outdated cartoons… yup. I was confused. I'm sure his visitors were too. If you are a photographer… your work should be showcased. If you sell phones… you should have images of phones! Simple, and right to the point.

Your website is mobile optimized

50% of people look at websites from a mobile device. I’ve seen so many wonderful websites viewed on my desktop...just to look at it on my phone to be very disappointed. The year is 2020… it’s a little crazy but we are all heavily on our phones and your website needs to also grow with the times. Make sure your website is mobile optimized!

A Way to Contact You!

Your website/blog should always have a page or space for your visitors to contact you directly. Google also likes this because Google wants to offer websites that are helpful and if people are able to get a hold of you… that’s pretty dang helpful!

On my website I have a contact page and a spot for my audience to subscribe! My social channels are also linked as another form to contact me.

High Quality Content

As someone who has a background in photography I stand behind this tip 100000% Quality content when it comes to what you’re saying… and what people are viewing is very important. If you’re a blogger hoping to monetize and work with brands you need to take a look at your content from an outside perspective - is my imagery quality? (clear, crips, professional?) or do my images appear grainy, dark and on the blurry side?

Google loves when people spend time on a page because it means Google offered the appropriate website to the person typing in what they were searching for. If someone lands on your page and they click off right away… that sends a message to Google that this is NOT what they wanted and you will be pushed down in the ranks.

These are some of my top tips that I recommend and try to implement myself!

I hope you found this helpful!

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