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How to Find a Brand’s Contact Information?

How to Find a Brand’s Contact Information?

So you’re feeling confident or maybe you’re just faking it till ya make it (totally fine too) and you’re looking for hours for a brand contact. I’ve been there.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret… it’s not that hard! Pinky promise, scouts honor and … all that jazz.

Here are some places to search:


Linkedin is a great resource! I mean, it’s a platform made specifically for professionals! Now that you’re on Linkedin and the hunt has begun it’s time to search for the appropriate titles - Executive and Manager are two great ones! They guys typically give the green light when there’s bloggers or influencers to take on. Other titles like Social Media Marketing Specialist, Strategist, Digital Marketing Manager...etc. When it comes to Influencer Marketing aka what this blogging industry is - it’s important to remember it usually means a team of people working together so even if one of these people doesn’t handle the campaigns, they’re involved in them and will pass your name to the appropriate contact.

Social Media

Social Media! Yes, it’s going down in the DMs. Social media is a great resource and tool!! So please don’t gloss over it. I find most of my contacts on the brand's IG account. The majority of the time the brand will have their email on there that’s specific to marketing/collaborations. If you don’t see an email? DM them asking for the appropriate marketing email!

Smaller companies are even happy to negotiate and plan collaborations right in the DMs… which I feel is a little unprofessional and risky. You don’t want to be sending your shipping address and payment information via Instagram DMs. Ask for an email and handle your business there for a more professional and safer transaction.

Press Release

Getting a hold of a brand’s press release is wonderful! You can type: “Forever 21 Press Release” into your browser and often you’ll be able to search within the article or on the bottom to see who the PR person is - Make sure to check dates to find current contact information.

I totally missed that step and once emailed a PR person who left the company 10 years ago… she was like “Ummm I don’t work there anymore” super embarrassing but we had a good laugh!

Brand’s Website

When I can’t find an email on social media my next go-to is most likely the brand’s website! Yes, their website can be where the jackpot is! Find where it says “contact or contact us” and 9/10 times will be an email to reach them. I will pitch to even the genetic emails because they usually redirect the email to the right hands.

A lot of websites will have a contact page of their entire team. Again - search for those special marketing titles and ta-da! You’ll find your match.


Other bloggers can be a great support system and resources! Mind you, DMing asking for a brand’s contact when you’ve never engaged with their account, followed them, or speak to them … can come off a little inauthentic. I don’t encourage that. However, if you’ve been following this certain blogger and you support her account and you notice she’s working with this certain brand you’d like to also work with - totally DM her and ask if she’d be willing to share the contact information! I think more bloggers should be open to helping a sista out when it’s coming from a genuine place.

These are my tips! I hope they helped!

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